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Our chess experts, Joe Lux and Matthew Cooke, start with chess demo charts to teach strategy at the beginning of each class.  The children work in pairs that switch each session to improve their skills.  The eager group enjoys playing the game.




Lots of busy construction in this class!  Each week brings new creation of each child’s own devising.  They use Legos and blocks to construct buildings, cities and other structures using manipulative skills and unique imaginations in a relaxed environment.



EN GARDE! FENCING (Gr. 2+)fencing02
This exciting class offers training in a centuries-old Olympic sport in a safe, creative environment.  Certified instructors teach the basics of footwork, blade work, rules, and strategy, inspiring an appreciation of teamwork and sportsmanship as they challenge their students to learn to use their minds and bodies in creative and effective ways through games and exercises.