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Ballet: Grades K-2

This class incorporates improvisation, creative visualization, and various dance styles as a means of tapping children’s unlimited potential. Children are introduced to basic steps and a variety of music as preparation for future study of dance. Ballet dance attire is worn. Professional Dancer/choreographer L.Hassan Blandford will lead. He has been an instructor for the Department of Education for the past 15 years teaching ballet, contemporary and modern dance styles to students grades K-12. He has also served as director for the Professional Performing Arts School (PPAS) partnership with the Ailey School from 2008-2013.

Junior Soccer Stars & Sports: Grades K

Under the direction of experienced BSNY coaches this class will develop soccer skills, endurance, strength, and flexibility through soccer activities. Students will play against each other in matches. Kids will also explore a wide range of other sports through the term. Weather permitted sports will be played at local parks. A $50 supplemental fee is charged. 

YogaKids: Grades K-2

This playful class encourages self-expression as well as building social skills. Children will strengthen their bodies as they learn how to focus through breathing and relaxation techniques. Class is also intended to Improve strength, flexibility, and coordination.  Additionally they will learn self-respect and respect for others with the practice of fun and challenging poses. Ultimately, they will become Little Warriors. Karen Nuccio is one of New York City’s most sought-after personal trainers and group fitness innovators, 20 years of experience in. She has created custom designed classes for CRUNCH Fitness, Norwood Arts Club and SPiN Ping Pong nightclub. Her clients have included entrepreneur Malcolm Bricklin, Top Chef host

All-Star Soccer Stars & Sports: Grades 1-2

Under the direction of experienced BSNY coaches this class will develop soccer skills, endurance, strength, and flexibility through soccer activities. Students will play against each other in matches. Kids will also explore a wide range of other sports through the term. Weather permitted sports will be played at local parks. A $50 supplemental fee is charged.

Yummies Around the World (Gluten Free): Grades 1-3

(World Culture/Cooking) Preparing international recipes is a wonderful activity that fosters understanding of other cultures as well as enjoyment of new culinary treats. Led by experienced 87Afterschool team members under the supervision of Chef Cynthia, graduate of the French Culinary Institute educates kids on how to make healthy and delicious foods in NYC schools including PS87.

Karate: Grades 2-5

Karate practice builds self-confidence and develops children’s self-awareness and physical fitness. Topics include punches, strikes, blocks, and kicks, as well as stances, kata, and one-step and three-step drills. There is no physical contact. Sensei Robin Rosenthal, Black Belt in, Judo, Jujitsu, Karate and Aikido, seven-time US Olympic Training Camp champion, has taught martial arts and self-defense to thousands of children. Karate uniforms are required; please see our website for information on where you can purchase.

Comic Book Academy: Grades 2-5

This class will put a fun twist on reading and writing by introducing students to sequential art. Students will be developing skills in creative writing and drawing to create their own characters and stories, with an end result of a personal printed comic. Along with the creation process students will be introduced to a variety of artists, art styles, and genres all while learning a new form of creative storytelling. The class will be led by, Ares Taveras professional sequential artist, and a graduate of the Joe Kubert School of Graphic Design and Cartooning. Note: A $25 supplemental fee is charged. 

 Fencing: Grades 2-5

This exciting class offers training in a centuries-old Olympic sport in a safe, creative environment. Certified instructors teach the basics of footwork, blade work, rules, and strategy, inspiring an appreciation of teamwork and sportsmanship as they challenge their students to learn to use their minds and bodies in creative and effective ways through games and exercises. Coaches include seasoned instructor/competitive fencer Justin Lokoussou. Note:   A $50 supplemental fee is charged.

iMake iMovies (Acting/Directing): Grades 3-5

This exciting class offers kids the chance to create their own Hollywood-caliber movies burned to DVD. Students will learn to script, direct, and shoot their iMovies, master editing, learn to build in soundtracks and special effects, and much, much more. Teachers include experienced film arts teacher Max Arnaud. Note: A $50 supplemental fee is charged.

 Time to TAP!: Grades 2-5

This Tap class will introduce students to the technique and style of tap dance at the basic level. Students will be challenged to learn precision of technique and accuracy of rhythm. Stylistic components of performance will be introduced as it relates to the musical theater stage. Students will learn: standard single –sound tap techniques, basic compound steps, elementary locomotor patterns, combinations and choreography, as well as rhythmic composition and dynamic consideration. A flat shoe is suggested, as opposed to character shoes. Please only single-plate taps (no “jingle taps”!) Students will leave this class knowing basic tap vocabulary while learning a Broadway combination throughout the semester! Note: A $50 supplemental fee is charged.

 Rock Guitar: Grades 2-5

This class is for beginners on guitar. Students experience the joy of playing along with songs they know and love from the very first class!  The class will also incorporate music theory and basic technique into each session and students will perform a song as a group at the end of the semester.  NYC Guitar School is New York City’s premier guitar school, with five studio locations around the city (Midtown, Upper East Side, Brooklyn, Queens, and Westchester).  They also currently run after-school programs at Manhattan School for Children, The School at Columbia, The Center School, and UASDC. Note: A $50 supplemental fee is charged.

Sew Much Fun: Grades 2-5

Beginning with instruction in hand sewing, students will progress to an introduction of basic skills using sewing machines. Activities will include creative explorations of fabrics and textures, designing simple projects, and creating soft sculptures and simple clothing. Taught by experienced “wearable art” Afterschool teacher long time 87Afterschool instructor, Bibiana Cuevas.

Knit Wits Grades: 3-5

Students will begin by crafting their own knitting needles, then learn simple stitches and create beautiful projects to wear or give to friends. Knitting is relaxing, creative fun Gloria Zwick, experienced NYC teacher and knitting enthusiast.