Terms and Conditions

1.     I agree to pay all tuition and fee(s) associated with my child’s participation in the 87Afterschool program. If I applied for reduced-rate tuition, I must verify my eligibility with appropriate documentation; and if I do not meet eligibility requirements, I must pay full-rate class fee(s) and all associated fees to the 87Afterschool Program; I understand that 87Afterschool does not provide “credits” for future and/or current use under any circumstances.

2.     87Afterschool cannot issue refunds for any class/session not attended or not held due to half-day or full-day closures by the NYC Department of Education; or due to instructor absences either by 87Afterschool team member or vendor cancelation of a specific session(s).  There are no credits or “make-up sessions provided; including closures/cancelations due to weather.

3.     87Afterschool requires my child to meet certain standards of behavior and that if my child fails to behave or demonstrates repeated unsatisfactory conduct, 87Afterschool has the right to transfer my child to another class, or terminate my child’s participation from 87Afterschool, without refund or credit for unused sessions;

4.     If my child is not picked up by 6:00 p.m., I agree to pay late fees of $5.00 per minute according to 87Afterschool policy, and that my child may be taken to the NYC Police Department’s 20th Precinct in the event no one is available to pick up my child after 6:30 p.m.;

5.     If my child is injured and requires medical attention and I cannot be reached for instructions, I do hereby give authority to 87Afterschool to obtain necessary emergency medical treatment for my child until the family is notified/or arrives; I also agree and give permission to  87Aftreschool leadership to obtain medical/educational information from PS 87, 160 West 78th Street, New York, NY 10033.

6.     In consideration of PS 87 PA Inc. (PS 87 Parent Association) conducting the 87Afterschool and allowing my child to participate in such program, I hereby release and forever discharge PS 87 (NYC DOE), PS 87 PA Inc., and 87Afterschool and its officers, volunteers, employees, contractors, and agents from any liability arising out of or based upon any bodily injury or property damage sustained by my child while participating in such program;

7.     During 87Afterschool activities, my child may be photographed or filmed by 87Afterschool personnel or its authorized agents for internal or external promotional use;

8.     Some 87Afterschool classes may involve trips outside the PS 87 building supervised by 87Afterschool Staff; I give my child permission to go on any such trips organized as part of 87Afterschool; I understand my child (ren) may use public transportation to reach such activities.

9.  I understand 87Afterschool does not provide specific curriculums to any activity. As we allow learning to happen naturally in a safe and fun environment, some lessons/projects may take a longer or shorter time depending on the children’s needs. We will provide a general outline and basic information only.

10.   In the rare case that a class is canceled due to instructor absence, 87Afterschool will provide alternative activities for the children; this may include playing at the playgrounds located in or near PS 87.