FALL 2018

Storybook Cooks: Grade K
Whisks, egg, beaters, and measuring spoons—that’s only half the fun. The best part is that our young chefs will get to eat their culinary creations! During prep time and cleanup, children will be entertained by readings from children’s literature featuring food. Taught by experienced Afterschool cooking teachers and PS87 Librarian Dawnica Conyette.

Robots & Science: Grades K-1

Young innovators will use their strengths, as well as develop new skills in this class that uncovers the wonders of robotics and science. Students will get hands-on experience, and use their creativity while learning how to design, and build robotic projects. Through experiments, and activities, the class also explores the science of the world around us. This class will be led by NORY, a dymnamic company that offers camps and afterschool programs throughout NYC. NORY partners with premier schools including The International Preschools, Battery Park Montessori and Montclare Children’s School. Note: A $50 supplemental fee is charged.

Junior Architect: Grades K-2
Junior Architect is designed to inspire kids to create, build, and learn through a fun and design challenge. With the use of different types of media, young architects will draw architectural sketches, build bridges and furniture, create 3D models of their dreams house, and design street facades and even cities! Kids will become familiar with exciting terms such as, classical Vitruvian principles, aesthetics, light and shadows and many more. ARDE kids will be teaching this class. They have experience teaching Architecture with a wide range of kids throughout NYC.

Interesting Inventions Laws of Motion: Grades K-1

Most objects we use on a daily basis were invented by someone. Find out the origins of things like the hand mixer, windshield wipers and conveyor belt. Kids will discuss the difference between invention and discovery; learn how inventors get their ideas patented. Each weeks kids are encouraged to develop their inventions or improvement they could make to an existing object to solve a problem. Through their intentions kids will also be introduced to physics, including the “laws of Motions” made famous Newton. We will use simple terms to explain inertia and mass. Other projects will include, build clocks models and practice telling time, launch paper footballs at targets with a catapult to name a few. It will be an adventure into interesting inventions with the laws of motion. Taught by Bricks 4 Kidz®NYC, which uses Lego® bricks and technologies to provide STEM enrichment to children. Note: A $50 supplement fee is charged.

Wiggle, Giggle, and Dance: Grades K-2
This exciting club is a combination of silly songs, musical games, and creative dances. Students will deepen their understanding by being exposed to every aspect of the performing arts, while developing motor skills and making friends. Because the key ingredients in performing are made up of listening and responding, students will learn skills to dissipate conflict, build confidence, and experience the thrill of making a choice and committing. Every class we will see what wonderful fantasies play out with the power of the collective imagination. This class is taught by Tyler Eley is a seasoned children’s theater director/choreographer in the NYC/NJ area who received his Bachelors of Music in Musical Theater and has worked at regional theaters all over the country, performed with cruise line companies, and has taught musical theater dance/voice/acting to children of all ages! BFA in Musical Theatre.

Create-a-Play Musical Theatre: >Grades 1-3
Caring, dynamic teaching artists from this internationally acclaimed children’s theatre organization give students a vibrant, fun-packed experience as they work to create an original musical production. In addition to their final production, each student receives a professionally produced CD of the show’s music. Director Stephen Jacobs has worked with hundreds of children in school and summer programs; his Dirty Sock Funtime Band has been featured on Nickelodeon and performed in concerts and festivals across the United States. Note: A $50 supplemental fee is charged.

MathMagic: Grades 1-2
(Math Enrichment) This enrichment class, led by experienced NYC teacher Gloria Zwick and math teacher Bernard Zwick, uses the acclaimed KidzMath program of cooperative games and storybook-based activities to promote mathematical understanding and social development. Children in KidzMath programs across the country develop math skills, gain confidence in their mathematical abilities, increase their enjoyment of mathematics, and improve their abilities to work with others. Best of all, KidzMath makes math FUN!

Capoeira (Brazilian Martial): Grades 1-3
This class is designed to give students an opportunity to learn about themselves and their physical capabilities while gaining cultural awareness. Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art disguised as a dance and was used by enslaved Africans in Brazil to liberate themselves from slavery. The students are not only introduced to the physical aspect of the art, which offers an intense workout, but are introduced to the instruments, songs, and history of the art as well. Capoeira is an art that can be learned by those of all ages and capabilities and promotes a healthy, active lifestyle. Instructor Aaron Anaya has over 10 years of experience in capoeira and currently trains under the direction of Contra-Mestre Omi.

Hip-Hop Dance: Grades 2-5
A vigorous class that requires lots of enthusiasm from students who want to learn the basics of jazz/hip-hop dancing. No prior dance experience required! This class will be led by Four Corners Creative, a premier arts and fitness company that focuses on each student’s unique journey to develop confidence, character and leadership skills. Four Corners Creative offers classes at private and public schools.

Young Magicians Club: Grade 2-5
A fabulous hands-on, interactive introduction to the world of mystery and illusion, led by professional magician and Afterschool team member Matthew Cooke. A focus on developing children’s imagination, creativity, and problem-solving skills, Matthew will introduce performing magic tools and tricks our young magicians can try at home to amaze family and friends. Custom-designed professional materials will be provided to each young magician.

Broadway Now!: Grades 3-5
(Glee Club/ Theater Troupe) Led by one of NYC’s youth director/choreographers, “BROADWAY NOW!” offers children the opportunity to experience the magic of live musical theater performance through Broadway show tunes both old and new! The children will focus on singing, dancing AND acting through song as a dynamic team ensemble as well as learn the fundamentals of being a stage performer all while they work toward a professionally staged end-of-term showcase. DJ Matsko is the music director of 87 Afterschool’s Rising Star and Shining Star classes and a co-teacher of the Rainbow Stages and Broadway Now classes. He holds Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Vocal Performance from West Chester University and Boston University respectively.

American Sign Language: Grade 3-5
Are you interested in learning a different language? What about American Sign Language!? Kids will discover how to express themselves in a fun and personal form through American Sign Language (ASL). They will learn shapes, numbers, the alphabet, and introductory level words/phrases. ASL NYC Has a long history of ASL instruction in NYC. The curriculum will give students an opportunity to develop language skills while maintaining the artistry and creativity of ASL. Come learn with us today!

Basketball Stars: Grade 3-5
This class will develop sport-specific strategies and skills—offensive and defensive techniques through fun basketball drills, scrimmage, dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding—as well as coaching in the rules of the game. Individualized skill building, emphasis is placed on teamwork and coordination. Children will participate in matches against teams. There will be a four session flag Rugby clinic included. Coach Daniel, who has taught sports at the JCC, BSNY, and schools such as Friends Seminary, and The Cathedral School, along with our 87Afterschool team, will lead this class. Note: To provide more extensive individual coaching and team play experience, this class meets from 3:15 to 5:15 PM.

Bows and Arrows (Archery): Grades 3-5
Hidden Gems Archery will be leading the Archery program that focuses on introducing beginners to the lifelong sport of archery. Kids will learn important skills like range safety and proper shooting form, play exciting games, and earn achievement awards. Hidden Gem Archery will lead this class. Note: A $50 supplemental fee is charged.

Robotics Team : Grades 3-5
Working in small groups, students will explore and apply basic robotic fundamentals using LEGO Mindstorms technology—featuring NXT bricks, expanded sensor capabilities, and wireless Bluetooth technology. Through design and construction of individually invented robotic models, students will become active masters of technology. Students will compete in local matches. Led by the nationally recognized First Lego League-trained 87Afterschool teacher Juan Carlos Guerrero. Note: This club has limited spots available and students may be asked to participate in weekend competitions.