FALL 2018

Chess, Yes!: Grade K

Children will learn the elements of chess and will also explore other fun board games that encourage creative problem solving and critical thinking skills. New players are especially welcome! Teachers include PS87 Chess Instructor/Chess Masters ChrisWilliams.

Beginner Judo:Grade K-1

The study of this Olympic sport will build confidence and develop children’s self-awareness and physical fitness. Falling, tumbling, throwing, pinning, and escape techniques are taught. Judo uniforms are required; please see our website for information on where you can purchase. Sensei Robin Rosenthal, Black Belt in Judo, Jujitsu, Karate and Aikido, and seven-time US Olympic Training Camp champion, has taught martial arts and self-defense to thousands of children. Karate uniforms are required; please see our website for information on where you can purchase.

Dazzling Discoveries: Grades K-1

Students will think it, design it, and build it! Kids become inventors as they explore ideas, use a wide range of materials and create their own projects. They will work with motors, batteries, and high-tech tools. Using STEM principles of science, engineering, technology, and math, kids will make and take home their special projects. Class will be led by Dazzling Discoveries professionals. Note: A $50 supplemental fee is charged.

Medieval Tales: Grades K-2

Take a journey back in time to the days of Dragons and knights, kings, queens, an magic! We’ll celebrate medieval days and fire up our imaginations with classic stories and related creative projects. Each week, we’ll a story – including George and the Dragon, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Joan of Arc and many more-then craft a corresponding art project. Kids will be able to take home shields, banners, glass decoupage; and Sculpey dragons. Kids will be infuse language and creative arts providing the opportunity to explore classic tales and themes while strengthening their skills. Class will be led by Curious-on-Hudson. Note: A $50 supplemental fee is charged.

CAP’s Rainbow Stages Musical Theatre: Grade K-2

Caring, dynamic teaching artists from Create-a-Play give students a vibrant fun-packed experience as they work to create an original musical theatre production. In addition to their final stage production, each student receives a professionally produced CD of the production’s music. Create-a-Play founding director Stephen Jacobs has worked with hundreds of children in school and summer programs; his Dirty Sock Funtime Band has been featured on Nickelodeon and performed in clubs, concerts, and festivals across the United States. Note: A $50 supplemental fee is charged.

Stop-Motion Animation: Grades 1-3

Kids will learn how to make a stop-motion animation film with Take Two Film Academy. Students work together to create a short stop-motion film. At the end of the term, students will have at least one film that they have made and posted online. Professional equipment, cameras, and editing software are provided. Take Two Film Academy is the first and foremost film school for kids dedicated to teaching young people video and media literacy. They serve kids throughout NYC, NJ, Long Island, and Boston. Note: A $50 supplemental fee is charged.

ChessKids Club: Grades 1-3

Children will learn the elements of chess and will also explore other strategic board games. All ability levels, including new players, are welcome; children will be grouped by age and ability after meeting the instructors. Teachers include PS87 Chess Instructor/Chess Masters Chris Williams.

Keyboard Skills (Piano): Grades 3-5

87 Keyboard Skills class has been developed for students in grades 3 through 5. The semester-long class will meet one day a week for 90 minutes, during which time the instructors will lead group sessions covering the fundamentals of music theory and piano skills. The class will end with an open house showcase including demonstration of learned skills through performance. This class is led by DJ Matsko is the music director of 87 Afterschool’s Rising Star and Shining Star along with PS 87 Music Teacher Matthew.

Intro to Woodworking: Grades 3-5

This is an introduction to the basics of woodworking. Kids will learn what everyday materials are made from wood, how trees live? How human and trees interact, tree identification and greater understanding of natural resources. Kids then move into developing the skills necessary to work with wood, including: how to plan a project, measure and use woodworking tools (hammer, saw, drill, etc), cutting and assembling a project, and sanding and completing. Each student will finish a project (toolbox or art caddy) that they will keep. This class is led by Curious-on-Hudson. A $50 supplemental fee is charged.

Time to TAP!: Grades 2-5

This Tap class will introduce students to the technique and style of tap dance at the basic level. Students will be challenged to learn precision of technique and accuracy of rhythm. Stylistic components of performance will be introduced as it relates to the musical theater stage. Students will learn: standard single sound tap techniques, basic compound steps, elementary locomotor patterns, combinations and choreography, as well as rhythmic composition and dynamic consideration. A flat shoe is suggested, as opposed to character shoes. Please wear only single-plate taps (no “jingle taps”!). Students will leave this class knowing basic tap vocabulary while learning a Broadway combination throughout the semester. This class is taught by Tyler Eley, a NYC-based teaching artist. Tyler serves as 87 Afterschool’s resident theatre director for Rising Star and Shining Star. He is also seasoned children’s theater director/choreographer in the NYC/NJ area who received his Bachelors of Music in Musical Theater and has worked at regional theaters all over the country, performed with cruise line companies, and has taught musical theater dance/voice/acting to children of all ages! BFA in Musical Theatre.

Project Runway: Grades 2-5

Kids will be using TRES’ (Technology, Rithmatic, Engineering, Science) skills. This class will teach the principles and methods of science, technology, engineering, and math, using fashion design as a tool to capture and sustain interest. Students will work in a simulated “fashion studio.” Young designers will flex their creative muscle and collaborate with friends. Students will be taken through the fashion design process. They will learn the art of fashion while learning color theory, production, sewing, and consumer behavioral science. The program will conclude with a showcase/exhibit for family and friends to celebrate successful completion. The Esaie Couture Design will lead this class. The founder has over 15 years working as a designer in the fashion industry here in NYC for Ralph Lauren, Betsey Johnson, Gap, and Brooks Brothers. Note: A $50 supplement fee is charged.

Drone Pilot Academy:Grade 3-5

A one of a kind indoor or outdoor, Unmanned Aerial Operators Course, based on the curriculum designed for military drone pilots. The course uses drones as a leadership building program founded on science & technology. Pilots will get a chance to navigate a drone through obstacles and partake in team missions while learning how to conduct aerial photography and navigation safely. Pilots will also learn aerodynamics, flight theory, team building and communication skills, and engineering. This pilot course by SWANKIDS.
Note: A $50 supplemental fee is charged

Sports 101: Grades 3-5

Children will work on teamwork, skill building, and a deeper understanding of game play. They will build upon skills with a healthy cardio warmup, drills tailored to each sport and game play. Sports will rotate every couple of weeks. Sports will include but are not limited to flag Rugby, Baseball, Kickball, Soccer, Tennis, Team Handball, Football, and many more. Coach Daniel who has taught sports at the JCC, BSNY, and schools such as Friends Seminary, and The Cathedral School, along with our 87Afterschool team will teach this club.